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Changing the apa style to be able to process dates is TML (too many lines) – for me anyway :). I`m sure you`re sure. But no five-minute work. Although if you think about it for a moment, the data can be added as additional individual fields, then formatted and added with best rings. Six minutes, then. . The oxnotes biblatex style has a @legal type of bochage input and subentrytype piltreaty that processes legally relevant data. URLs are not (yet) really part of this image. . . .

IPCC, 2019: Climate Change and Land: a IPCC special report on climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems [P.R. Shukla, J. Skea, E. Calvo Buendia, V. Masson-Delmotte, H.-O. Pertner, D.C. Roberts, P. Zhai, R. Slade, S. Connors, R. van Diemen, M.

Ferrat, E. Haughey, S. Luz, S. Neogi, M. Pathak, J. Petzold, J. Portugal Pereira, P. Vyas, E.

Huntley, K. Kissick, M. Belkami, J. In the press. The apa style, on the other hand, has a type of input @data that looks promising: it makes a nice URL, but its data is limited (no more publication) and there is no cascade of them. . However, I have not found any BibTeX style (or for that matter any quotation format) as I can cite such a UN treaty. What would be the right format? . I must add to my bibliography (in LaTeX, with Bibtex) an entry for the Paris Agreement (2015): . We just get the already formatted and packaged url-urldate and « bung it in » at the end (literally) of the bit, the formatted legal input element prints in the bibliography (basic oxref.dbx file code and copied in the preamble to our tex document file: . @ARTICLE-Unfccc92unitednations, author – « Unfccc Unfccc, » title – Convention on Climate Change. UNFCCC, Journal – « Forest Science, » – year {1992}. To get an idea of the effort required to adapt a style, adding a URL to the legal entry of beef notes turns out to be a one-line change, as all heavy and preworked tasks (field definition, assignment and assignment; analysis and processing of the date; processing of options; Definition of the chain constant) have already been achieved. What comes into play is the selection of a combination of existing biblate styles and types of inputs. . . . Brief answer: There is nothing exactly on the point ready by hand. However, it can be quickly approached. . The spectre of climate change unfolding today is undeniably a cumulative effect of anthropogenic interference in the climate system over the past two centuries.

Science is clear and the political community is increasingly convinced and implemented to meet this looming challenge in the face of the economic and human dimensions associated with it.

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