Schengen Agreement Article 54

2009/948/JAI Framework Decision of the Council of 30 November 2009 on the prevention and resolution of jurisdictional disputes in criminal proceedings, 2009 O.J. L 328/42. Given that the third paragraph of the section recalls in the recital the principle of bis indem under Article 54 of the SISA, it is likely that the jurisprudence relating to this article will also be recalled. Google Scholar 1. Contracting parties may enter into bilateral agreements to second liaison officers from one party to the police services of another party for a specified or unspecified period of time. 5. The provisions of this article do not specify that existing or future bilateral agreements between parties with a common border will be clarified in more detail. The contracting parties inform each other of these agreements. To send this article to your Kindle, be sure to add to your email list for approved personal documents on the « Manage Content and Devices » page of your Amazon account. Then enter the « name » of your Kindle email address below. Learn more about sending to your Kindle. Learn more about sending to your Kindle.

3. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, the party that did not issue the tender submits the matter to the common supervisory authority under Article 115, paragraph 1, for comment. 4. These aliens may be deported from that party`s territory to their country of origin or to another country in which they may be admitted, including under the relevant provisions of the readmission agreements concluded by the contracting parties. Your email address is used to notify you if your comment has been verified by the moderator and the article author or moderator should contact you directly. 2. No party enters into agreements with one or more third countries to simplify or remove border controls without the prior agreement of the other contracting parties, provided that the Member States of the European Communities have the right to conclude them jointly. 2. Paragraph 1 does not affect the application of the broader provisions of the existing bilateral agreements between the parties.

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