Simplii Financial Products And Services Agreement

Products or services are often combined to offer consumers better prices, incentives or better terms. By linking or bundling their products or services, companies are often able to offer them to you at a combined price lower than the one you bought yourself. For example, a fast food chain advertises a combination of food that includes a hamburger, fries and a beverage. The total price is lower than if you bought all three items separately. We have seen a trend between the level of financial competence and the user budget. This statistic has advised our primary and secondary user flows within the budgeting function. Users with high financial skills generally knew how to make the budget the most advantageous, while users with moderate financial skills advised that they needed some support. There are various forms of computer viruses that are now available on the internet and that target online financial services. It`s important to protect the privacy of your data by installing the corresponding programs on your PC.

If you share a computer and an Internet connection with someone, that other person can view your confidential financial information by pressing the « Back » button in your web browser after using it for online banking. You can protect your private data by shutting down your web browser after your banking session or by removing your browser cache. The cache manages a copy of recently posted websites. In your browser`s help menu (often available by tapping F1), you`ll find instructions to remove the cache. Two instruments often used to manage financial affairs in situations such as these are joint banking powers and accounts. If you have chosen that your ICG be automatically renewed at maturity or that you have not received any maturity instructions, your ICG will automatically be renewed at maturity without further agreement for the same term at the current fixed interest rate. If the same type of ICG is not available, we will renew the ICG in a GIC that we consider comparable. In both cases, the new conditions are indicated on the renewal confirmation. During the extension, we can change the terms and conditions of the GIC. If you have decided to open a responsible GIC, each ICG will be automatically reinvested at maturity for a period of 5 years at the applicable fixed interest rate.

After each extension, we send a renewal confirmation to the mailing address registered on the due date. Renewal confirmations and other communications are considered to be 5 business days after mailing. If there is more than one registered holder, notifications sent to the currently registered address bind all registered holders. Simplii Financial needs to increase its customer base by encouraging existing customers to make greater use of their products. The transfer of RRSP or TFSA to another Tangerine financial institution, Simplii Financial`s main competitor, does not have financial analysis and budgeting recommendation functions. 4 Simplii Financial is a brand and division of CIBC.

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