St Clair College Faculty Collective Agreement

He also called for improvements in job security and a greater voice of the faculty in academic decision-making. More than 500,000 students in 24 colleges are affected by the strike, including more than 10,000 at Saint Clair College. You apply via the St. Clair College ( website, which features open messages under the « St. Clair College Career Prospects » link. To apply for a position, display the job category (academic, support or administration). This allows you to see the list of current career opportunities in this category. Then select the professional title you are interested in. You should see the full vacancy notice; and the booking number. Use this number to complete your application by clicking on « Career at St. Clair College » they are among more than 12,000 professors, trainers, consultants and librarians who went Monday after OPSEU and the College Employer Council of Employment to agree on a new contract. The standard form of workload (SWF) is your contract with the university.

Watch our SWF training session. The college has a number of regulated student governments that deal with a large portion of student activities at the university. They are the Student Representative Council (SRC), the Student Athletic Association (SAA) and Thames Students Inc. (TSI). The membership list is as follows: our collective agreement contains a compensation plan linked to a classification plan that sets minimum and maximum wage levels for individual counselors, librarians and professors. The maximum salary level is determined by the « relevant level of formal education and staff equivalencies. » As a result, the current qualifications of some faculties prevent them from finally reaching the maximum level of salary in the first place. On April 11, the Ford government announced that 60% (until 2025) of Ontario`s post-secondary funding would be tied to the performance criteria they set under the SMA3 process. This is a remarkable jump from the 2 to 3 per cent proposed by the previous government and raises many concerns in our sector with respect to job stability and the quality of education.

These metrics are designed as a pass/fail – in other words, they are all or nothing funding models. Maybe it`s a delayed incision in disguise. Based on the technical briefing of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, there are nine system-wide indicators and a specific indicator for higher education institutions: Premier Ford wasted no time in starting its attack on public sector training.

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