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Chiesa di San Francesco Saverio (Church of St. Francis Xaver). The road passes through Belenzani, which connects the façade of the church to Piazza Duomo Per maggiori informazioni o per undermining come contributor, After the fall of the Roman Empire, the independent bishop`s office of Trent was conquered by ostgoths, Byzantines, Langobardes and Franks and was finally part of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1027, Emperor Konrad II created the bishops of Trent, who exercised both temporal and religious forces. In the centuries that followed, sovereignty was divided between the Bishop of Trento and the county of Tyrol (from 1363 on the Habsburg monarchy). Around 1200, Trent became a mining center of some importance: the money was extracted from Monte Calisio – Khalisperg, and the princely archbishop Federico Wanga gave the first mining code of the Alpine region. Una difficile esperienza per il nostro territorio il cui patrimonio boschivo e forestale é parte integrante della nostra storia e della gente che abita. Sia l`economia che la cultura del Trentino sono infatti fondate su esperienze e attivity legate agli alberi, al bosco, alle foreste e alla loro gestione. The nationalist cause led Italy to the First World War. Damiano Chiesa and Austrian Parliament Mp Cesare Battisti were two well-known local emanators who had joined the Italian army to fight Austria and Hungary, to bring the Region of Trent into the new kingdom of Italy. The two men were captured on the nearby southern front. They were tried for high treason and executed in the courtyard of Castello del Buonconsiglio. The origins of this city on the river path to Bolzano and the low alpine passes of the Brenner and the reschenpass[13] through the Alps are controversial.

Some scholars claim that it is a Turkish colony: however, the Etzen region was influenced by neighbouring populations, including the (Adria-) Veneti, the Etruscans and the Gauls (a Celtic people).

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