Bojangles Franchise Agreement

The current directive is that the franchisor makes available to the first restaurant one to four on-site support employees for 10 days, with one to two of its opening employees staying six more days at no additional cost to franchisees. The senior manager of the company or partner and restaurant managers and other restaurateurs must also participate in other necessary courses, seminars and training programs, which the franchisee may designate regularly in Charlotte, North Carolina or elsewhere, at the franchisee`s discretion. First of all, it is not surprising that the express declaration of a party, according to which it reserves the right to be so only in the event of the signature of a written agreement, has considerable weight. The courts are reluctant to weigh such a clear signal and it does not matter whether the signal is given during the negotiations or at the time of the so-called agreement. Recently, in Reprosystem, B.V. v.

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