Funny End User License Agreement

Some have argued that most of the legal formulations encountered in the information age are worth little more than the pixels on which it is written. Referring to British common law, they stress that an existing treaty must, at least in theory, offer the possibility of negotiation. End-user license agreements – the rules governing the use of software and even hardware, most of which have been purchased and paid for – are contrary to this legal principle. You have access to everything stored on your phoneWhen the last update of your agreement, the streaming service dropped this juicy disclaimer, which allowed some ears to feed: « We may collect information stored on your mobile device, such as contacts, photos or media files. » Why would Spotify need access to your contacts or photos? It turns out that it is in preparation for some new unusual functions that they introduce on the line. You insist that your information not be exploited, but reports of credit cards being charged without authorization are multiplying. Arm yourself with knowledge, people. And you know what? It turns out that OnStar is the least trustworthy company! They recently updated their terms of service to add two new points. First, a new agreement requires you to allow OnStar to sell your driving data to anyone they want. We are talking about things such as the speed and location of vehicles, current mileage, the use of the driver`s seat belt and the use of airbags. If it doesn`t sound so bad, wait until they sell it to your Speedy company. Companies that make a license to use proprietary software available to customers should consider an ITA. These include SaaS developers, software developers, and mobile app developers. A Russian man, after deciding that he was not satisfied with the terms of a credit card offer he received in the mail, agreed to rewrite the contract to include zero percent interest, no fees and no credit limit.

Its additional clauses also promised penalties to the bank if it did not stop the end of its contract or tried to terminate the contract. He signed it, and the bank did it without noting the changes. Most online agreements limit use by children under the age of 13, but Tumblr`s approval goes further and anticipates the pushback of a preteen: « But I`m almost old enough! » No I`m sorry. If you`re under the age, don`t use Tumblr. Ask your parents for a Playstation 4 or try books. For example, if a user installs a mobile application and accepts an EULA with this clause, the user`s phone does not work and does not break, the user cannot demand liability from the mobile application provider for repairs to the damaged phone, even if the damage is due to the mobile application. Tumblr usernames/URLs are intended for the use and enjoyment of all our users. Squatting, storing, collecting, accumulating, accumulating, storing, collecting, buying, selling, selling, washing, investing, swallowing, swallowing, in Tumblr usernames/URLs, cyber with, fiddling or jealously monitoring. This provision gives free of charge to any person who receives a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the software) permission to use the software without restriction, including, but not limited to, the rights of use, copying, modification, fusion, publication, powder, distribution, synergy, composting, defensiveization, sublicense and/or sale of copies of the software and/or sale, to whom the software is made available, to allow it. Subject to the following conditions: When two tenants got their lease in a Word document instead of a PDF, they decided to modify the document with a special clause. And set wide limits on what you can do with and with usernames: It`s important for the software developer to retain the rights to terminate the license in case of usage violation or other issues..

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