Hsa Collective Agreement Casual

(h) Leave for work in the bargaining unit in another health zone may not go beyond the duration of the initial temporary vacancy notice for which the worker requested the leave, unless mutually agreed between the employer and the union. HSAS has the right to request each health region and associated companies to allow their interested HSAS employees to participate in the plan, with or without minor changes to the plan text, as mutually agreed. In the absence of mutual agreement on the text of the plan, either the HSAS or the health region (including affiliated companies) can make a final and binding decision on the text of the plan. In the absence of agreement on the name of a third party, one of the parties may apply to the Minister of Labour for the appointment. Workers who, under previous collective agreements, are entitled to the payment of unused sickness credits retain this right. The details of this provision are set out in the letter of #3. Any HSAS member who resigns from one (1) employer and is employed by the same or another employer under this Agreement during one (1) calendar year is subject to negotiation between the parties. In the event of non-agreement, a hearing of the award shall be held to determine whether a new occupational category/classification/position or a reclassification of an existing category/classification/position has been placed on the most appropriate pay scale. The parties may, in the event of mutual agreement, refer the case to the decision-making procedure referred to in Article 21.01 B.

If a supervisor or designated employer does not respond within the prescribed time frame, the union has the right to take the next step. The abovementioned time limits may be extended by mutual agreement. Severance pay does not apply to part-time, temporary and casual workers. If the workers were previously employed under the DAU/SAHO collective agreement on home care and were employed from 16 May 1996, the following provision remains to apply: the participant is a legitimate worker whose application to participate in the plan has been approved by the employer and who has entered into an agreement with the employer. (6) Where the SAHO PMSRC report recommends a market supplement, the setting of additional market wage rates between HSAS and SAHO is negotiated. If, in the course of such negotiations, the parties fail to reach an agreement within forty-five (45) working days from the date on which the Union receives the report, the matter shall be referred to the Adjutant Judge of the contract in accordance with clauses 7 and 8. Local agreements which respect the flexibility of working time generally take into account the following points: basic operating time, earliest and latest start and end times, minimum and maximum time for meal breaks, duration of the local agreement. This lump sum is paid within 90 days of signing the collective agreement and is issued as a separate cheque. Workers who were previously subject to the SGEU/PSC and CUPE 600 collective agreements and who were entitled to leave prior to acquisition will continue to benefit from this leave. 1. The granting and use of such leave shall be carried out in accordance with the conditions laid down in previous collective agreements.

In particular: workers who were previously covered by the HSAS/SAHO agreement or the ZEP agreement and who receive a personal/educational allowance set out in the agreement continue to receive the allowance provided for in the terms of their previous collective agreement. . . .

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